20+ Million Starving to Death – Because of Conflict - Bridges To Common Ground

20+ Million Starving to Death – Because of Conflict


FAMINE ALERT - This is heart breaking. In each of these 4 countries, the cause of this humanitarian crisis...is conflict. Conflict between primarily Muslims and Christians that are causing this horrific suffering.

Rather than responding to the symptoms (which is needed and important) - we need to start addressing what is actually causing this conflict in the first place.

What are the personal and spiritual factors causing conflict between Muslims and Christians? After years of personal experience, trial and error as well as painful failures...we have developed a strategy that works to address the underlying factors at the heart of these conflicts.

We have seen wars ended, hostages released and genocides subsided because of this strategy. Ultimately opening a door for God to impact people and real world conflicts.

Original Source: https://www.vox.com/videos/2017/6/13/15786058/war-famines-threatening-sudan-somalia-nigeria-yemen