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A Deadly Misunderstanding – 2nd Edition



A Deadly Misunderstanding – 2nd Edition

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce that Mark’s first book, A Deadly Misunderstanding is now owned by Bridges to Common Ground. The rights have been transferred to Bridges from Harper Collins. We are working diligently to release the 2nd edition of this book. We hope to have the new version available to purchase for the holiday gift giving season.

You may reserve your copy now! Please follow us on Facebook and regularly check both the Bridges website and ADeadlyMisunderstanding.com for further updates.

This web store and signup process will also be utilized for Mark’s second book to be released by mid-2016. This book will pick up where ADM left off and further detail Mark’s exciting journey. For the time being, the only way to acquire a copy of the first edition of ADM is by purchasing a used copy on Amazon.

2nd Edition Updates include:

More clearly and fully describe topics such as;
  • More clearly define important termssuch as “peace”, “religion” and “conversion” with historical context from the perspective of Jesus.
  • Add additional stories
    and/or linguistic research that further supports the Jesus strategy and how that opens the door for the Spirit to “change” or “complete” in the “Shalom – Salaam of Jesus.”
  • We would like to more clearly explain the
    Jesus-centric strategy outlinedwithin the discoveries of the book.How & why this is effective?
  • Further explanation
    on what the “Gospel of Jesus” means from a Semitic linguistic context.
  • Add the missing chapterremoved mysteriously by Harper Collins entitled; The Undisclosed Reason For The War In Iraq.
  • Remove information that misleads readers into thinking the book is promoting “Syncretism”, “Chrislam” or any “One World Religion” concepts.
Thank you for your patience; We are excited to publish the 2nd edition of ADM!