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Crisis Response Teams

Bridges team members & leadership have responded to many different crises and conflicts over a period of decades. We have identified this as a critical part of our mission moving forward. We plan to continue engaging leaders in various difficult situations around the world. Our approach is to focus on common ground and to become friends first. We do not force our agenda, opinions or wishes upon the people we meet with unless they explicitly ask for it from a place of personal friendship.​

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    Where We Have Worked


      Memorializing the work of Bridges, the "Toolkit" curriculum is launched - empowering others to do the same work.

      The Toolkit


      Bridges is awarded the Excellence In Giving  "Certified Transparent"  non-profit report seal.

      Transparency Report


      (Sudan) - Working with Congressmen & others to release 2 more Christian prisoners in Sudan - a result of our long standing "trac5" relationship-based diplomacy.

      Christian Prisoners - Released!


      (Sudan) - A trip to Sudan directly resulting in the release of Christian prisoner Petr Jasek.

      Christian Prisoner - Released!


      (Geneva, Switzerland) - Bridges speaks on a panel at the UN, making a presentation on how to defeat radicalism.

      Bridges Strategy @ The UN


      (Brussels, Belgium) - Days after the terror attacks at the airport, Bridges is asked to address the European Parliament about how best to respond to this growing threat.

      Jesus Strategy @ The European Parliament


      Bridges publishes an updated 2nd edition of A Deadly Misunderstanding.

      A Powerful Tool & Story


      Two Bridges board members, both a Muslim and a Christian work together to translate and publish a unique Qur'an with over 3000 Bible verses referenced in the footnotes. Gaining the endorsements of Muslim, Christian and secular leaders alike.

      A Revolutionary Translation 


      (Central African Republic) - The Bridges team takes two trips in response to the Muslim / Christian war in the region. The result of these trips was 3 hostages being released and a signed peace treaty.

      Hostages Released - Muslim/Christian War 


      (Sudan) - Bridges team members responded to the case of Meriam Ibrahim, hand delivering a note to the top government officials -directly resulting in the release of this Christian prisoner.

      Christian Prisoner Released


      (Iran) - Worked with Iranian leadership to free the 2 Christian women sentenced for apostasy (Marzieh Amirizadeh & Maryam Rostampour).

      Christian Prisoners Released


      (USA) - Engaged Pastor Terry Jones resulting in his decision to cancel the Qur'an burning ceremony in memory of 9/11.

      Jesus Strategy Works


      (Sudan) - Prayer with the Sudanese President to stop the flogging of a UN employee, Lubna al-Hussein, for dressing in pants.

      Torture Avoided


      A Deadly Misunderstanding - A Congressman' Quest To Bridge The Muslim/Christian Divide is published by HarperCollins.

      A Deadly Misunderstanding Published


      (Afghanistan) - The S. Korean government requests that Bridges come to the aid of the 23 Christian missionaries kidnapped by the Taliban.  (completed by ICRD)

      The Taliban Releases Missionaries


      (Sudan) - 18 trips to Sudan to pray with the President which resulted in a deployment of UN peacekeepers - ending the Darfur Genocide - millions of lives affected.

      Stopping A Genocide


      (Sudan) - Prayer meetings with the President & government leaders - resulting in a civil war ending (over 2 million people killed).

      Ending A Civil War


      (Congo, Brazzaville) - Worked with the President & the rebellion funder to end the guerrilla warfare conflict with Pastor Ntumi.

      Stopping Guerrilla Warfare


      (Libya) - Meetings with the Gaddafi regime which directly resulted in the release of the 1988 Lockerbie/PanAm bombing suspects - Justice for the 270 people who were killed.

      Justice For Terror Victims


      (Congo, Kinshasa) - Prayer meetings with the Presidents: Joseph Kabila and Paul Kagame leading to the 2002 cease-fire and the Pretoria Accord.

      A Prayer For Cease-Fire


      (Iraq) - Meetings with the Saddam Regime resulting in him allowing UN weapons inspectors to come - in a failed attempt to avoid the war.

      A Failed Attempt To Save Lives


      (Ghana) - Assisting President Kufuor in a peaceful transition and a positive transformation of his country - becoming a beacon of hope in the region.

      A Hope In The Region


      (Pakistan) Prayer meetings with President Musharraf which led to the release of over 20 Christian men imprisoned under "Sharia Law" charges.

      Freedom For Sharia Law Prisoners


      (Benin) Established a prayer partnership with President Matthew Kereku, a former communist dictator - resulting in the tribal conflict ending.

      A Former Communist For Jesus


      (Liberia) - Part of the Muslim/Christian team that encouraged the successful Abuja Peace Accords - ending a conflict that killed 200,000 people.

      Ending A Conflict


      (Western Sahara) - Prayer meetings with President Mohamed Abdelziz - resulting in the Western Sahara Cease-Fire Agreement - ending a conflict that killed 10's of thousands.

      Prayer With A President