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Invite a Speaker

Dr. David Hungerford – Chairman of the Board

Throughout their lives, David & his wife Heide Hungerford have partnered to create opportunities and advancements around the globe in the field of orthopaedics. With over 38 years in service, Johns Hopkins Orthopaedic Surgery and The Good Samaritan Hospital in Baltimore have owed their success and reputation in total joint surgery, in large part, to David, who is considered one of the foremost hip and joint specialists in the world. David Hungerford is also long recognized for his contributions to philanthropic medical organizations and causes worldwide. For 12 years (1996 – 2008) David was Chairman of the Board of Medical Assistance Programs (MAP), a program that promotes the total health of people living in developing countries. Both David and Heide are co-chairs of CURE International’s Partners Association, an organization that establishes teaching hospitals in developing countries to serve the needs of the disabled. David was awarded the 2013 Humanitarian Award from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in March of 2013.

Former Congressman & UN Amb. - Mark D. Siljander – President

Dr. Mark Siljander is a veteran and humorous speaker. His religious, political and international experience has uniquely qualified him to deal with issues both Muslims and Christians grapple with in today’s polarizing world. Though speaking on topics of utmost importance, he soon has the audience rolling with laughter as he shares the ironic and amazing stories that have characterized his spiritual journey. He speaks directly and compassionately with powerful conviction, affirming a way forward for Christians and Muslims to move toward greater friendship.