Mission & Vision - Bridges To Common Ground


Helping To Empower What God Is

Already Doing To Heal Our Broken World.

Our Mission

To Help Equip You For A Spiritual Awakening By Uncovering Ancient Insights of Jesus; Bringing Hope & Inspiring Action. Helping To  Empower What God Is Already Doing To Heal Our Broken World.

Our Efforts Are Intended To Prevent Political, Racial & Religiously Motivated Conflicts By Instead Replacing These Often Justifiable Frustrations With A Hopeful Awakening. 

The Problem

With Political, Racial & Religious Tensions On The Rise Around The World; We Need A New Strategy. One That Confronts The Spiritual Nature Of These Problems & Also Implements Practical, Real World Solutions.

A Common Sense Strategy That Inspires Hope In Our Increasingly Desperate World. Tested & Applied For Two Decades, With The Power To Repair Personal Relationships & Reverse The Very Root Of Radicalism.

The Key

​Bridges Serves as a Spiritual Catalyst for Peace. Whether Searching for Peace & Healing Within Ourselves, Our Community or Our Country, This Relational & Messiah-centric Strategy Encourages Transformation; Both In The Way People See Themselves & How They See One Another. 

The Awakening

We See This Awakening As An Organic Movement Of People From All Backgrounds & Cultures, Submitting To God, Following Jesus & Inspiring Reconciliation. This Is A Non-Religiously Exclusive Movement.​ The ONLY Agenda Is To Love God & Neighbor. The Good News Is That This Is Already Happening.

A Model of Hope

WHY: Because It Works!

WHAT: To Resolve Conflicts & Undermine The Roots of Radicalism.

HOW: Through A Unique Blend of Faith & Sciences; Addressing The Spiritual Problems

THE RESULT: A Constructive Movement Comprised of People from ALL Backgrounds, Cultures & Faiths; Seeking Reconciliation with God & with Neighbor

  • Profiling:   Identify root causes of radicalization & violence.
  • Neuroplasticity: Transform entrenched thinking and mindsets.
  • Technology:  Deploy social media to equip and under-gird the emerging and worldwide spiritual awakenings!
  • Linguistics:  Resolve “deadly misunderstandings” through new discoveries in ancient Holy Books.

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