Mission & Vision - Bridges To Common Ground

The Problem

We Must Acknowledge The Spiritual Nature Of The Problems We Are Faced With, Ones Which Demand A Spiritually Founded Solution. This Is Why We Exist. 

With Political, Racial & Religious Tensions On The Rise Around The World; We Need A New Strategy. One That Confronts The Spiritual Nature Of These Problems & Implements Practical Solutions.

Many Efforts Focus On Responding To The Symptoms Of These Problems...But Rarely Do These Well-Intended Actions ​Deal With The Cause. 

Our Mission

We Will Help Equip You For The Spiritual Awakening By Uncovering Ancient Insights of Jesus. These Jesus-centric Keys Will Bring Hope & Inspire Action. Help Empower What God Is Already Doing.

Our Efforts Are Intended To Prevent And Replace, Rather Than Focusing On Responding After The Fact.

The Awakening

We See This Awakening As An Organic Movement Of People From All Backgrounds And Cultures, Submitting To God, Following Jesus And Inspiring Reconciliation...Or In Other Words, A Non-Religiously Exclusive, Jesus-Centric Movement.​

The Blueprint

A Strategy That Inspires Hope In Our Increasingly Desperate World. Tested & Applied For Two Decades, With The Power To Repair Personal Relationships & Reverse The Very Root Of Radicalism.

A Model of Hope


We Have Effective & Predictable Results!​


That Resolve Conflicts & Undermine the Spread of Radicalism.


Through A Unique Blend of Faith & Sciences; Addressing The Spiritual Roots:

  • Profiling:   Identify root causes of radicalization & violence.
  • Neuroplasticity:   Transform entrenched thinking and mindsets.
  • Technology:   Deploy social media to equip and under-gird the emerging and worldwide spiritual awakenings!
  • Linguistics:   Resolve “deadly misunderstandings” through new discoveries in ancient Holy Books.


A Transformative & Worldwide Spiritual Awakening!