Ambassadors in Action - Bridges To Common Ground

    Take Action Together

    An Organic, De-centralized, Community-centric Model To:

    • Encourage Constructive Actions & Fruitful Friendships
    • Inspire A Solutions Based Approach Proven To Work In Real World Applications
    • Directly Dispel Deadly Misunderstandings Causing Radicalism & Islamaphobia

    [The work of Bridges To Common Ground] teaches us how to transform barriers into bridges and promote respect and understanding between Muslim and Christian believers.

    Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed,

    National Director Islamic Society of North America (ADM Endorsement)

    I have experienced first-hand the strategy [of Bridges]: that [is] “loving our enemies,” has the power to counter the threat of religious extremism.

    Hon. Tony Hall ,

    U.S. Congressman & Ambassador To The U.N.

    Anyone involved in Christian-Muslim relations knows that both sides too frequently inflame distrust and misunderstanding. Thank God for peacemakers like Mark Siljander, who are working for mutual understanding and respect.

    Rev. Brian McLaren,

    Author: Everything Must Change & Time magazine's '25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America



    With Political, Racial & Religious Tensions On The Rise - We Need A New Strategy:

    • Highlight The Community "Common Ground"
    • Fulfill The Greatest Commandment - To Love God & Neighbor
    • Counteract The "Deadly Misunderstandings" Dividing Us


    • To Inspire – focus on spiritual solutions & the most important aspects of our faith.
    • To Educate – share discoveries, research, strategies & stories that bring new light to divisive misunderstandings.
    • To Mobilize – diverse people groups despite our differences & work together to impact our community.

Community Response Teams

Team members are experienced in responding to a wide variety of issues ranging from personal tragedies, political and religious conflicts and even defusing wars or inspiring reconciliation in the aftermath of terror attacks. 

​This model is designed so that it can be replicated across the country. The Toolkit will be used to equip & support our localized "Ambassadors in Action" programs.

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