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Allowing the Spirit of God to Initiate the Impossible

    Track Record

    Partnering with others to inspire peace and justice; allowing the Spirit of God to initiate the impossible. (1)
    • Sudan: (2017) Partnering with Hardwired (NGO) to release Christian prisoners including Petr Jasek (Czech) who was given 20 years to life in prison. Petr was released largely because of a long standing record of "friendship diplomacy" established by Bridges & its partners. MORE HERE
    • Central African Republic: (2015) 2 trips filled with powerful encounters with Muslim & Christian militia leaders to gain the release of 2 French hostages taken by Anti Balaka forces, and worked with many of the 10 factions toward signing of peace treaty. MORE HERE
    • Sudan: (2014) Twice Bridges sent Dr. Jeff Burns to pray with the regime resulting in the release of Meriam Ibrahim, imprisoned facing a possible death sentence for refusing to denounce her faith. MORE HERE
    • USA: (2010) Offered alternative solution to Pastor Terry Jones’ decision to cancel Qur’an burning on 9/11/10
    • Iran: (2010) Engaged Iranian leadership that produced the release of two Iranians, Marzieh Amirizadeh & Maryam Rostampour, imprisoned for 255 days as “converts to Christianity”
    • Sudan & U.N. (2009) Prayer with president that negated the flogging a UN employee, Lubna al-Hussein, for dressing in pants
    • Afghanistan/Taliban: (2007) Initiated the process leading to the release of 21 Korean Christian missionaries (2)
    • Sudan, Darfur: (2006) 15 visits with President Bashir, reversing his intransigence to deploy UN Peacekeeping Forces mitigating the “genocide”, mass rapes and 2.2 million displaced   MORE HERE
    • Sudan, North/South War: (1997/2005)  Multiple prayer meetings with Sudanese president & other leaders leading to a successful peace treaty
    • Congo, Brazzaville: (2003)  Worked with president and rebel funder to end conflict/rebellion
    • Congo Kinshasa (DRC):  Setup meetings of competing presidents leading to 2002 ceasefire leading to national reconciliation
    • Iraq: (2001-2002)  Quiet meetings with Saddam regime resulting in return of UN WMD inspectors & avoidance of war. However ordered to “stand down” by US government
    • Ghana: (2000)  Assisting a successful presidential candidate’s transition of power & transform country
    • Pakistan: (2000)  Meeting with president leading to release of 21 Christians imprisoned under “Sharia Law”
    • Libya: (1999-2003)  Private meetings with Qaddafi regime, contributed to rapprochement with leaders, release of 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 terrorists, denouncement of WMDs
    • Benin: (1997)  Engaged president toward a national transformation, a youth peace movement & a resolution of tribal conflicts
    • Liberia: (1995)  Facilitate a Muslim/Christian team that encouraged the successful Abuja Peace Accords
    • Western Sahara: (1994)  Meetings with president securing his recommitment to the 1991 Ceasefire with Morocco

    (1)  Bridges developed the “Trac5” model which augments and empowers traditional diplomatic, political, military & economic tracks of engagement. We do not claim it alone is solely responsible for outcomes. 


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“As a documentarian traveling with Mark Siljander to Sudan, I was given an extraordinary inside look into the world of Jesus-based relational diplomacy that Mark advocates for, and I saw up close and personal not only that it works, but how it works. Marks engaging personality makes it easy to forget that when you spend time with him, you’re talking with someone who has molded and shaped key events in the 20th and 21st century.”

Aaron Daniel Taylor - Independent Film Maker, Author & Producer