The Blueprint - Bridges To Common Ground

The Blueprint

A Blueprint For The Awakening

The founders of Bridges to Common Ground have worked for nearly two decades to establish a track record of success; working to solve wars and bring hope to complex crises. We are applying our practical "model" to undermine the foundations of radicalism. Our desire is to share this blueprint with YOU! 

If we are going to solve these complex problems between Muslims and has to be personal.​ Signing a piece of paper does little to nothing when it comes to addressing the often deep seeded hatred and brokenness of the people involved.

A Spiritual Emphasis Is Needed


The result is not simply another nice sounding but mostly useless interfaith encounter or universalistic utopia, but rather a concrete, Jesus-centric blueprint to empower a major paradigm shift, both personally and culturally. 

The Toolkit

How Is This Applied In Practical Terms?