The Toolkit - Bridges To Common Ground

The Toolkit

 Members Have Access To Over 50 Interactive Lessons, Templates & Other Powerful Tools

Tools & Templates to Equip Muslims & Christians; Together Inspiring Reconciliation with God & with Neighbor.



With Political, Racial & Religious Tensions On The Rise Around The World; We Need A New Strategy. One That Confronts The Spiritual Nature Of These Problems & A Strategy That Also Implements Practical Real World Solutions.

Muslims & Christians rarely interact with one another, especially in the United States. We instinctively fear what we do not understand. The Toolkit will enable Muslims & Christians to work together as an organic force for reconciliation.

The Toolkit Aids & Encourages A Much Needed Process Of Integration. Our Muslim Neighbors & Refugees Often Express Feeling Alienated Or Isolated; Which Tends To Continue The Cycle Of Hatred, Fear & Radicalization.


The Toolkit equips Christians & Muslims that want to take action, but have no idea how or where to begin. Outlining simple and practical steps to engage one another like never before. Address the difficult issues and dispel the "deadly misunderstandings."

We have designed The Toolkit to equip individuals, community groups and leaders with the necessary resources to interact with their Muslim or Christian neighbors. 



I have experienced first-hand the strategy [of Bridges]: that loving our enemies has the power to counter the threat of religious extremism.

Hon. Tony Hall,

former U.S. Congressman (D-Ohio), U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Food Program and three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee

A blueprint to challenge the “Ideology of Terror” that threatens our way of life.

Hon. John H. Dalton,

70th Secretary of the Navy

A precious balm for wounds that need to be healed and a most sincere and effective antidote to stereotypes based on fear and hatred that need to be transformed into love and understanding on both sides.

Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr,

University Professor of Islamic Studies at the George Washington University, Washington D.C.


  • Online Database - with lessons addressing the top issues dividing Muslims, Christians & Jews.
  • Lessons With - Summary Videos, Audio & Text based resources
  • A "Blueprint" - to replicate this movement in YOUR community
  • Helpful How-To-Guides - for navigating new friendships
  • Download-Able Resources - To Reference With Personal Study Or Community Groups
  • Hard Copies & Community Group - Training Sessions Available
  • A Growing Community - with On-Going Updates & FAQ Responses


Tested & applied for two decades around the world, It has the power to repair personal relationships & reverse the threat of radicalism. This toolkit has & will begin redirecting divisive and destructive paradigms.

This is a simple process that anyone can use to promote family and community reconciliation as well as address and counteract the underlying causes contributing to radicalism and division. 

This model is designed so that it can be replicated across the country. The Toolkit will be used to equip & support our localized "Ambassadors in Action" programs.


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