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Addressing The Spiritual Nature Of The Problem


About Bridges

Bridges was established in 2005 & it's founders have acted as a spiritual catalyst for peace for over 20 years. Our strategy works, whether searching for peace & healing within ourselves, our community or our country, This relational & Messiah-centric strategy encourages transformation in the way people see themselves and each other. Bridges has, through trial and error, established a "strategy" for successful conflict resolution.



Our Strategy

  • Friendship First - Fulfilling God's Greatest Commandment; To Love God & Neighbor
  • Study The Scriptures - Revealing Powerful Insight In The Semitic Languages 
  • Conflict & Crisis Response - Addressing The Spiritual Cause
  • The Temple Prayer - Opening A Door For God To Impact People & Real World Conflicts

We are NOT:

  • We Are NOT Promoting:  Chrislam Universalism, Syncretism or Pluralism
  • We Are NOT Promoting:  A One World Religion Of Any Kind
  • We Are NOT:  Apologetic For ANY Institution, Religious or Otherwise
  • We Are NOT:  A Naive Group Promising Peace On Earth


  • We ARE:  Equipping YOU With The Tools To Confront Radicalism
  • We ARE:  Addressing The “Difficult Issues” With Scriptural Foundations
  • We ARE:  Action Oriented, Opening Doors For The Holy Spirit To Do The Real Work
  • We ARE:  Submitted To God, Following Jesus As Messiah & Inspiring Reconciliation

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