About Bridges - Bridges To Common Ground

Bridges serves as a spiritual catalyst for peace. Whether searching for peace and healing within ourselves, our community or our country, This relational & Messiah-centric strategy encourages transformation in the way people see themselves and each other. Bridges has, through trial and error, established a "blueprint" for successful conflict resolution.

We have tested this blueprint around the world in a variety of conflicts. We are now committed to sharing what we have learned with you, equipping average people, practitioners in the field and most importantly, empowering what God is already doing to inspire reconciliation in our broken world.

…Healing and Reconciliation of a Deeply Traumatized and Wounded People is a Deeply Spiritual Exercise.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Just To Clear The Air...

We Are NOT:

  • We Are NOT Promoting “Chrislam” - Universalism, Syncretism or Pluralism
  • We Are NOT Promoting A “One World Religion”
  • We Are NOT A Naive "Peace" Group.
  • We Are NOT Apologetic For ANY Religious Institution. 


  • We ARE Equipping YOU With The Tools To Confront Radicalism & Empower A Revolution
  • We ARE Addressing The “Difficult Issues” With Scriptural Foundations
  • We ARE Action Oriented, Opening Doors For The Holy Spirit To Do The Real Work.

The Awakening

​Our mission is to equip and empower “awakenings” that are already happening worldwide. These “awakenings” are reflected in near countless political, but more importantly, spiritual movements occurring around the world. Our approach is to use a practical, person-to-person, spiritually based model of peacemaking; interceding and effecting “change” on personal, local and even international levels.

We see this awakening as an organic movement of people from all backgrounds and cultures, submitting to God, following Jesus and inspiring reconciliation...or in other words, a non-religiously exclusive, Jesus-centric movement.​

Linguistic discoveries in the Holy Books of the Abrahamic faiths catalyze the entire process, overcoming harmful and often distorted religious understandings. Jesus’ teachings on love and compassion further open the door to the human heart, allowing the Spirit to perform the ultimate, ongoing transformation of thinking and behavior in every one of us.

Frequently Asked Questions

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