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A great tool for understanding the similarities between these two holy books.

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Why Is This Unique?

  • BOTH a Practicing Muslim & a Practicing Christian Worked Together to make this Translation a Reality.
  • This is the ONLY Translation of the Qur’an with references to the Bible (over 3,000 in fact)! They are written as footnotes on the bottom of each page to allow for an easy comparative study.
  • The Contemporary English is Very Easy to Read.
  • Muslims, Christians, Secular Scholars & Government Leaders alike, All Enjoy & Endorse this Translation

I finally decided to purchase the book. First, the translation of the Quran is excellent. It is easily understood and the language flows beautifully. Also, I was really appreciative of the references to the Bible. It really does mean a lot to me that my Muslim and Jewish brothers and sisters share so many spiritual concepts and principles. In these times when Islam is in the news every day, it is nice to have this book to shed light instead of just generating heat. I highly recommend this book.


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