Accomplishments - Bridges To Common Ground


    Opening A Door

    Allowing God To Initiate The Impossible​!

    Sudan, 2017 - Presidential Pardon

    Sudan, 2017 - Pastor Petr Jasek

    Central African Republic, 2015 - Hostages

    Sudan, 2014 - Meriam Ibrahim

    Florida, 2010 - Qur'an Burning

    Iran, 2010 - Christian Prisoners

    Sudan & U.N. 2009 - Torture

    Afghanistan/Taliban, 2007 - Missionaries

    Sudan, Darfur, 2006 - Genocide & Mass Rapes

    Sudan, 1997-2005 - Civil War

    Congo, Brazzaville, 2003 - Rebel Conflict

    Congo, Kinshasa, 2001-2003 - Ceasefire

    Iraq, 2001-2002 - Iraq War

    Ghana, 2000 - Peace & Transformation

    Pakistan, 2000 - Sharia Prisoners

    Libya, 1999-2003 - Pan Am/Lockerbie Terror

    Benin, 1997 - Tribal Conflict

    Liberia, 1995 - Peace Accords

    Western Sahara, 1994 - Ceasefire



    As a documentarian traveling with Mark Siljander to Sudan, I was given an extraordinary inside look into the world of Jesus-based relational diplomacy that (Bridges) advocates for, and I saw up close and personal not only that it works, but how it works.

    Aaron Daniel Taylor,

    Author, Film Maker & Producer

    I am convinced that (this) approach can truly change enemies into friends.

    Dr. Tawfik Hamid,

    Islamic Scholar, Former Member of Jamma'a Islameia, (A Terror Group)

    I cannot overstate the importance of (Bridges) strategic efforts to defuse the activities of radical Muslims worldwide. Many are convinced that (bridges) is on the cusp of what will prove literally to be the tipping point in realigning radical terrorist enemies.

    Hon. Edwin Meese,

    Former U.S. Attorney General & Fellow at the Heritage Foundation



    Asia Connect (Missions Training)

    Vineyard Church

    Oxford University

    European Parliament

    The U.N.

    The National Prayer Breakfast

    Hawaii State Prayer Breakfast

    7th Day Adventist Missionaries

    Mosque & Muslim Leaders

    Church & Christian Leaders

    Edinburgh College


    (1)  Bridges developed the “Trac5” model which augments and empowers traditional diplomatic, political, military & economic tracks of engagement. We do not claim it alone is solely responsible for outcomes.