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Partner Programs – Bruce Green

Rev. Bruce Green, Bridge Building Consultant

Rev. Bruce Green joined Bridges to Common Ground as a consultant to focus on building better understanding between Muslims and Christians in the USA. Bridge Building started after 9-11 as an outreach from some San Francisco Bay Area churches to their Muslim neighbors, particularly the large Afghan community in the region (estimated to be 30 to 50 thousand).

This outreach began as a “love your neighbor” response to the 9-11 tragedy in 2001 when church leaders in Fremont, California, decided to prevent anti-Muslim backlash and embrace and protect their Muslim neighbors. In November 2002, Rev. Bruce Green was selected by Fremont church leaders to facilitate Bridge Building. His actions, writings and teachings have helped to define Bridge Building over the last 12 years.

Rev. Green was a youth pastor in the decade of the 70’s and graduated in 1983 from Talbot Seminary (Biola University) with a MA in Ministry, emphasis in Intercultural Studies with a focus on Islam. His studies led him to attempt an entrepreneurial approach to Bridge Building by starting a tourism consulting business in Bahrain in the mid-80’s. The plan was to develop a Disney-style theme park using the culture and stories of the Middle East; an attempt to fight terrorism with tourism. This experience of living in a Muslim culture was great preparation for the future Bridge Building outreach.

(If you want to see what happened with the theme park, see this short slideshow: For the decade of the 90’s Green changed careers to Digital Printing and moved back to California. But the 9-11 tragedy prompted him to return to his Bridge Building roots and love his Muslim neighbors.

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