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About Bridges

Bridges was established in 2005 & it's founders have acted as a spiritual catalyst for peace for over 20 years. Our strategy works, whether searching for peace & healing within ourselves, our community or our country, This relational & Messiah-centric strategy encourages transformation in the way people see themselves and each other. Bridges has, through trial and error, established a "strategy" for successful conflict resolution. Using linguistic discoveries from scripture and the language of Jesus as a catalyst; resolving even the most difficult issues dividing Muslims, Christians & Jews.


Our Strategy

  • Friendship First - A productive yet little known strategy to complete the greatest commandment, even in very difficult circumstances
  • Study The Scriptures - Revealing powerful & transformative insight from Abrahamic Scripture using the Semitic languages 
  • Conflict & Crisis Response - Healing the personal & Spiritual causes often fueling conflict, radicalism & human suffering
  • The Temple Prayer - Opening a door for God to impact people & real world conflicts; more often than not resulting in remarkable outcomes




1994 - Prayer with President Mohamed Abdelziz resulting in the Western Sahara cease-fire agreement.

1995 - Trips to Liberia with a Muslim/Christian team that encouraged the successful Abuja Peace Accords.

1997 - Established a prayer partnership with Benin President Matthew Kereku, a former communist dictator, ending a tribal conflict.

2000 - Prayer meeting with Pakistan's President Musharraf led to release of over 20 Christian men imprisoned under “Sharia Law”.

2000 -  (Ghana) Assisting President Kufuor in a peaceful transition and positive transformation of the country.

2001 -  (Iraq) Meetings with Saddam' regime resulting in him allowing UN Weapons inspectors to come, in a failed attempt to avoid the war. 

2002 -  (Congo, Kinshasa) Prayer meetings with presidents, Joseph Kabila & Paul Kagame leading to 2002 ceasefire and the Pretoria Accord. 

2003 - (Libya) Meetings with the Gaddafi regime directly leading to the release of the 1988 Lockerbie / Pan Am Bombing suspects. 

2003 - (Congo, Brazzaville) Worked with the President & the rebellion funder to end the guerrilla warfare conflict with pastor Ntumi. 

2003 - (Sudan) Prayer meetings with the President & government leaders resulting in a civil war ending (over 2 million people killed).

2006 - (Sudan)  18 trips praying with the President which resulted in a deployment of UN peacekeepers ending the Darfur genocide.

2007 - (Afghanistan) S. Korean government requests that Bridges come to the aid of the 23 Christian missionaries kidnapped by the Taliban.

2008 - A Deadly Misunderstanding - A Congressman's Quest To Bridge The Muslim/Christian Divide is published.

2009 - (Sudan) Prayer with Sudanese president to stop the flogging of a UN employee, Lubna al-Hussein, for dressing in pants.

2010 - (Iran) Worked with Iran to free the 2 Christian women sentenced for apostasy (Marzieh Amirizadeh & Maryam Rostampour).

2010 - (USA) Engaged pastor Terry Jones resulting in his decision to cancel the Qur'an burning ceremony in memory of 9/11.

2014 - (Sudan) Hand delivered a note to the Sudanese government directly resulting in the release of Christian prisoner (Meriam Ibrahim).

2015 - (C.A.R.) Two trips to the Central African Republic resulting in the release of 3 hostages and militia groups signing a peace treaty. 

2016 - Two Bridges board members translate and publish a unique Qur'an with 3000 Bible verses referenced in the footnotes. 

2016 - Bridges publishes an updated 2nd edition of A Deadly Misunderstanding. 

2016 - Days after the Brussels airport bombing, Bridges addresses the European Parliament in Brussels about how to respond.

2017 - (Geneva, Switzerland) Bridges speaks on a panel at the UN, making a presentation on how to defeat radicalism. 

2017 - (Sudan) A trip to Sudan resulting in the release of Christian prisoner (Petr Jasek).

2017 - (Sudan) Working with congressman and others to release 2 more Christian prisoners in Sudan.

2017 - Bridges is awarded the Excellence In Giving "Certified Transparent" seal of approval.

2017 - Packaging and memorializing the work of Bridges, "The Toolkit" curriculum is launched, equipping others to do that same work.


We are NOT:

  • We Are NOT Promoting:  Chrislam Universalism, Syncretism or Pluralism
  • We Are NOT Promoting:  A One World Religion Of Any Kind
  • We Are NOT:  Apologetic For ANY Institution, Religious or Otherwise
  • We Are NOT:  A Naive Group Promising Peace On Earth


  • We ARE:  Equipping YOU With The Tools To Confront Radicalism
  • We ARE:  Addressing The “Difficult Issues” With Scriptural Foundations
  • We ARE:  Action Oriented, Opening Doors For The Holy Spirit To Do The Real Work
  • We ARE:  Submitted To God, Following Jesus As Messiah & Inspiring Reconciliation

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