Testimonials & Endorsements - Bridges To Common Ground

We live in troubled times. All around us, intolerance and religious tensions are on the rise… Mr. Siljander builds a compelling case that any faithful reading of religion and it’s teachings should serve to unite, not divide… With this important new work, Mr. Siljander has courageously stood up to be counted.

Ban Ki-MOON,

Secretary General of the United Nations

The (Darfur Genocide) solution came from (Bridges).

Hon. Ali Karti,

Sudan Foreign Minister

I was given an extraordinary inside look into the world of Jesus-based relational diplomacy that (Bridges) advocates for, and I saw up close and personal not only that IT WORKS, but HOW it works.

Aaron Daniel Taylor,

Independent film maker, Author of Alone with a Jihadist, Producer of We Know Not What We Do

A precious balm for wounds that need to be healed and a most sincere and effective antidote to stereotypes based on fear and hatred that need to be transformed into love and understanding on both sides.

Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr,

University Professor of Islamic Studies at the George Washington University, Washington D.C. (ADM Endorsement)

I cannot overstate the importance of Mark’s strategic efforts to defuse the activities of radical Muslims worldwide. Many are convinced that he is on the cusp of what will prove literally to be the tipping point in realigning radical terrorist enemies.

Hon. Edwin Meese,

fmr. U.S. Attorney General and Fellow at the Heritage Foundation (ADM Endorsement)

An incredibly important work in the field of ideology change related to terrorism and war. It represents hope for the integration of civilizations in a world much too fixed upon the clash of civilizations.

Rod A. Beckstrom,

Co-author of The Starfish & the Spider & Director of National Cybersecurity Center, Homeland Security (ADM Endorsement)

I have experienced first-hand the strategy [of Bridges]: that loving our enemies has the power to counter the threat of religious extremism.

Hon. Tony Hall,

former U.S. Congressman (D-Ohio), U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Food Program and three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee (ADM Endorsement)

[Bridges] teaches us how to transform barriers into bridges and promote respect and understanding between Muslim and Christian believers.

Dr. Sayyid M. Syeed,

National Director Islamic Society of North America (ADM Endorsement)

After we transmitted the (Bridges) message, it was like God came down and really opened up the situation to free the two hostages!

Christian Militia, Anti-Balaka,

Central African Republic

A key to reconciling the East and West is to clear up the historic misunderstandings that define the Muslim-Christian divide. His book offers a blueprint for breaking this logjam of dissention that contributes to so much conflict today.

Hon. James A. Baker III,

61st U.S. Secretary of State & Chairman Iraq Group (ADM Endorsement)

This courageous and groundbreaking work represents the culmination of many years of tireless effort, painstaking research and travels to dangerous corners of the world.

Joe R. Reeder,

14th U.S. Army Undersecretary and Chairman of the Panama Canal (ADM Endorsement)

Anyone involved in Christian-Muslim relations knows that both sides too frequently inflame distrust and misunderstanding. Thank God for peacemakers like Mark Siljander, who are working for mutual understanding and respect.

Rev. Brian McLaren,

author of Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope and one of Time magazine's '25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America'

One of the most exciting areas of contemporary research in Jewish/Christian/Muslim relations.

Fr. Sidney H. Griffith,

Eminent professor of Aramaic/Syriac at The Catholic University of America, Washington

This is very good work….building bridges, looking on what unites us as humans, and addressing our fears and prejudices with rational argument and love.

Dr. Yasir Suleiman,

Professor of Modern Arabic Studies, King's College, Cambridge

Filled with hope – for the expanding heart and gut-wrenching conflict between Muslims, Christians, and Jews in today’s chaotic world. 

Edward J. Hoskins,

MD, PhD, Author; A Muslim’s Heart

(The) knowledge and understanding of the Aramaic language of the Scriptures 
has given (Bridges) a wide acceptance among Muslim religious and political leaders. I believe this (work) will be a breakthrough to overcoming the Muslim/Christian divide.  

Rev. John Booko,

lecturer on Assyria and author of Assyria - The Forgotten Nation In Prophecy and The Assyrian Revelation

(Bridges) calls for a “friendship diplomacy” so that religions can become paths to love, paths to peace, and therefore paths to God. In a quietly passionate voice that speaks to our hearts, (Bridges) shows us how we can go from diversity to unity and from conflict to peace.

Ayatollah Ahmad Iravani,

Ph.D., Director for Islamic Studies and Dialogue at the Center for the Study of Culture and Values, Catholic University (ADM Endorsement)

A roadmap to peel through issues that are not only spiritual but also religious, political and civilizational.

Dr. Mohammed Karim,

Islamic scholar & Vice President for Research, Old Dominion University, VA

I am convinced that (this) approach can truly change enemies into friends.

Dr. Tawfik Hamid,

Islamic scholar, former member of Jamma'a Islameia, a terror organization; now lecturer, antiterrorism consultant & author of Inside Jihad.

A blueprint to challenge the “Ideology of Terror” that threatens our way of life.

Hon. John H. Dalton ,

the 70th Secretary of the Navy under Pres. Clinton, was recognized by the National Security Caucus as their International Security Leadership Award recipient

A potent antidote to the prevailing deadly misunderstanding that threatens to envelope us all.

Hon. Ali Khalif Galaydh,

former Prime Minister of Somalia

**NOTE** Some Testimonials & Endorsements include statements made in support of A Deadly Misunderstanding (ADM) & the foundational principles for the work of Bridges To Common Ground including the efficacy of the strategy that we promote.