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    “I was given an extraordinary inside look into the world of Jesus-based relational diplomacy that (Bridges) advocates for, and I saw up close and personal not only that it works, but how it works.”

    Aaron Daniel Taylor - Independent Film Maker, Author & Producer


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    According to the UN, conflict is the #1 cause for human suffering around the world. Many organizations and humanitarian efforts focus on responding to the symptoms of these problems but rarely if ever to they address what is causing the problem in the first place. Our strategy goes after the cause; a spiritual, Jesus-centric approach that opens a door for God to impact people & real world conflicts!


    Did You Know...?

    We have been successful in places like:


    2017 - Christian Prisoner - Released

    2017 - Christian Prisoners - Released

    2014 - Christian Prisoner - Released

    2006 - Darfur Genocide - Peacekeepers Deployed


    Central African Republic

    2015 - Hostages Set Free - Peace Agreement



    2010 - Christian Women Prisoners - Set Free



    2000 - Sharia Law Prisoners - Released



    2007 - Missionaries Kidnapped By The Taliban - Set Free

    & Many MORE:



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    (1)  Bridges developed the “Trac5” model which augments and empowers traditional diplomatic, political, military & economic tracks of engagement. We do not claim it alone is solely responsible for outcomes.